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Multidose Drops

Avizor Comfort Drops 15ml
Code: ACOM
Avizor Comfort Drops are a hydrating solution, compatible with all contact...
Avizor Moisture Drops 15ml
Code: AMST
Avizor Moisture Drops contain Sodium Hyaluronate, a natural bio polymer...
Avizor Lacrifresh Drops
Code: ACLN
Avizor Lacrifresh Cleaning Drops increase the cleaning and comfort of the...
Avizor Eye Drop Display Unit each - contains 18 bottles
An attractive display unit containing all three Avizor Comfort Drops. This...
Bausch & Lomb Rewetting Drops 10ml
Code: BLRW
For use with both soft or hard contact lenses. Soothes dry or irritated eyes.
Biotrue Rewetting Drops
Code: BTR10
Instant and natural hydration from new Biotrue Rewetting Drops. For dry eye...
Blink Contacts Eye Drops 10ml
Code: BC10
Moisturises your eyes naturally.blink� forms a moisture cushion so eyes...
Blink Refreshing Eye Drops 10ml Bottle
Code: BK10
Gentle enough to be used everyday, this replenishing formulation gives an...
Blink Intensive Tears 10ml
Code: BIT10
blink Intensive Tears are an advanced lubricating eye drop specifically...
Blink Intensive Tears PLUS
Code: BITP
blink Intensive Tears PLUS - The latest addition to the blink eye drop range...
Blink 'n' Clean 15ml
Code: BC
COMPLETE� Blink-N-Clean� Lens Drops helps remove protein and prevent...
Can-C Eyedrops
Code: CANC
Can-C is the original breakthrough high purity eye drop for cataract. It is...
Clens 100 Rewetting Drop 10ml
Only CLENS-100� Lens Drops lubricate the lens while fighting protein...
Eye Logic Eye Drops
Code: EL10
Eye Logic Eye Drops are a new preservative-free multi dose drop supplied in...
Eyezin Eye Drops
Code: EZIN
New Eyezin Zinc-Hyaluronate 0.15% Preservative free eye drops from Moorfields...
Hyabak 10ml
Code: HBAK
A moisturising and lubricating solution for eyes ans contact lens wearers....